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September 2011 Newsletter

 I hiked with my sis and her family in Estes National Park, CO recently. There were wild birds happily flying down to eat out of our hands!  Amazing!  


Update on Danielle's new Life in Colorado

It's been about 3 months now since I, my 4 cats and 2 turtles have been living in Aurora, CO.  I am loving it here as I continue my animal communication work for clients.  

As some of you know, my animal family and I have been staying with my sister's family as we house hunt.  I (or rather I should say my cats) are grateful for the huge bedroom window where we/they can observe the next door neighbor's small dogs and children playing on the sidewalks of this quiet neighborhood. 

I have been exploring many of the areas around Aurora (near Denver) Colorado as I take workshops in Access Consciousness. In July I drove through Wyoming to scenic Idaho to take a wildlife workshop with Penelope Smith at the Earthfire Institute.  I have been meeting with clients seeking in-person sessions and discovered dirt roads on the outskirts of Aurora.  (Ok-- so I never met so many dirt roads in NY state!!).

I am enjoying volunteering animal communication time to two wonderful groups I've discovered in my areas as well who are more than open to hearing from their residents: CavyCare INC, a guinea pig sanctuary and http://www.longhopes.org/, a donkey shelter. You can read what some of the guinea pigs have said they want in a home by going here

Last weekend I again went hiking in Estes National Park and am amazed to see elk, grouse, moose and other wildlife be so relaxed as we humans move along on the trails.    

A recent camping and boating trip in Pueblo, CO found us enjoying the evening mosquito-free.  Flies and beetles seem to be the most prominent insects I've seen since being in this state, but there are very few mosquitoes in the dry heat.  And oh the heat-- be still my heart!  I am loving the heat!  Below are photos of CO landscapes I've witnessed firsthand.  

All photos taken in Estes National Park. 


Upcoming Colorado Animal Communication Workshops:  

Have you been feeling pulled to begin exploring your natural intuitive abilities?  

Is it time to dust off your intuitive channels and embrace your ability to connect with all life?

The animals are welcoming humans to embrace the language of telepathy and enter the space of deeper understanding with them.  Two basic animal communication workshops are coming your way in lovely Colorado!    

The Basic Course: Learning to Communicate with Animals
Perfect for Beginners. Learn the send and receive communication with animals present live at the workshop and with your own animal family via photos.  Guided meditations and fun exercises to strengthen your intuitive senses are weaved into the course design.

For a more thorough course description go here.


Sat. October 8, 2011 ~ Denver, Colorado
Sat. November 19, 2011 ~ Bennett, Colorado* 

*The latter date is hosted by LongHopes Donkey Shelter 

Workshop Fee: $130
For Dates & Details:  Click Here

Recordings Available for those Seeking Independent
Animal Communication Practice on Your Own Time, At your own pace and Streamed off Your Computer 

Back in 2009 and 2010 I held Sunday Animal Communication Practice Calls for students seeking additional practice.  The students who partook in these 20+ calls really grew their skills exponentially.  

 Three animal communication practice past calls are now available for purchase to help others practice.  

You can hear a 3 min. audio clip on what the call is like!

Each 1-1.5 hr. long call has 1 guest animal and 20-25 questions that I, Danielle will ask of you (and the other students who were live on the call) to ask the animal.  The questions are asked in sets of 5, with 1 minute given after each question is asked.  Want more time to record the impressions received from the animal?  Just pause the recording! 

 Confirmation of accuracy in what you hear is given in two ways:  One ways is through the student feedback I offer on the recording and secondly, I welcome you to send me any answers not confirmed on the recording to me in an e-mail.  (This latter is optional.)  I will highlight what additional pieces of info. you heard from the animal that is indeed accurate but may not have been mentioned on the recording.

Each Practice call is $15 and includes the optional e-mail feedback from Danielle of accurate information.  
Upon purchase, you will receive a link to the recording and a photo of the animal generally within 24hrs. 

Who can purchase the recordings?  
Anyone with an interest in practice!  Know that these recordings are not instructional in any way into the skill of telepathy.  You may wish to have partaken in some formal training prior to purchase to get the most out of them.  Happy Practicing! 

For more info. and to view the recording descriptions go to my website Practice Page.

1:1 Phone Mentoring Sessions

For those who have taken the Basic Course and are seeking personalized 1:1 coaching. 
As the student, you decide the topics you wish to discuss surrounding the work, your skill, areas you'd like input around, etc.  This is submitted before the session, so we can best utilize our time. 

Regular Phone Rates Apply.  30, 45 and 60min sessions avail.

For Phone Rates: Click Here


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